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learning curve

so i have had a lot of ideas i want to roll with lately, things i'm really excited about. things like:

a booktube channel

book trailers

a book club

all fun stuff, right? i have been keeping lists of ideas and researching how to make them happen. the manuscript for Only Human is with the editor for another week, so i thought in the three weeks i had free while i waited would be plenty of time to get things rolling, right?

wrong. lol. so wrong.

i have been trying to learn different video editing softwares and each one of them have promised to be easy and beginner friendly.

they're not. i don't know if it's a me thing because i am, like, below beginner level? or if they don't really understand what it is to be a true beginner? idk. but it has been rather slow going of lots of trial and error and time wasted. youtube is my best friend right now where i watch endless tutorials. i have been ordering tons of stuff that i don't even know if i'll be able to use, too! although i am pretty stoked to start using a green screen. it is being delivered today. fingers crossed those tutorials have really stuck.

anyway, one of the programs i've been using is called toonly, where i can use animated characters and backgrounds to make a video. i have a lot of plans for this for book trailers and such, but what i've started with is the video intro for my booktube channel, mommy's reading. it's still a little rough (even after over a week!) but let me know what you think!

so there's that. that's pretty much for anyone interested in books. but just for you guys, those of you that read MY books, and want to know me a little better (which is the main reason i want to do the videos, to reach out to the readers), i want to post other videos on my website. i have lots of ideas for those, too. we will call them randa's random rants and i'll keep you up to date on those, too. until then, keep reading!

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