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it's live!

mommy's reading, my booktube channel, has its first video published on youtube. well, first two videos. or a video and a quarter. see, when i exported the first video, i didn't realize that one of the clips didn't export the picture along with the audio. several hours later, i turned it on to let my husband see it, and when it came to that part, there was just a black screen. that's how i discovered that once you publish a video on youtube, you can't replace it. if you take one down, the next one has a different url. which would suck because i already had views and comments on it. so...what to do...?

i uploaded another video. just the clip that was missing picture with a small intro and exit bookending it. then i put a "card" on the first video that lets you click on it to go to the fixed clip. meh. it works, i guess.

i'm so killin' this booktube thing.

anyway, go check out my first video on mommy's reading:

that was the whole point of this entry.

also, Only Human has a release date! January 1st, on Amazon. it's free with Kindle Unlimited! read, rate, and review! and i'll have a giveaway on mommy's reading, so make sure to subscribe!


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