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i wrote my first story when i was about six and gave it to my grandma. that literary masterpiece held the place of honor on the fridge for about a week before being relegated to the archives...aka, the junk drawer. i've been assured that my more current work is kept in a nicer place.

i love romance, but particularly enjoy some of the more ridiculous aspects of traditional romance stories. in my writing, i enjoy blending the ridiculous with the sweet, yet somehow strive to ground it in reality. hopefully, the result is a fun, snort worthy book for my readers. 

things you should know:

  • randa flannery is a pen name i chose to honor someone important in my life.

  • my husband can be found in every one of my books...but not as the main character. 

  • i don't know who the woman in my loading page vid is, but her laugh is awesome.

  • i purposely left the "biteable" watermark on my video, because i found it funny considering the kind of books i've been writing.

  • most of my books tend to have a food item as one of the big focuses of the story. this is unintentional. i just find myself missing my favorite foods, so they end up in books. if you would like it to stop, send pastry.



Far from home...

i'm an american expat living in china for about 8 years! while i do enjoy my life here, there are things that i miss about home, and my desperate attempts to find those things here usually take a turn for the funny (funny haha or funny uh oh...take your pick). 

things i miss the most:

1. professionally trained hair stylists.

2. americanized chinese food.

3. americanized any kind of food.

4. junk food that is not shrimp, seaweed, or redbean flavored.

5. familiar music options.

6. cheesecake that is not simply cheese cake. 

7. my friends and family.


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